Post op evaluation by Dr. Great guy we had a good time together. Practical friendly. Renee his nurse was a peach. The gal who runs the desk up front is one of a kind receptionist. Give her a raise.

- A.R

Evan N. Simonson, DPM

Had bi-lateral hip replacements in 2012. Dr. Jaume is the best! 🙂

Francisco Jaume, DO

Dr. Simonson is an excellent surgeon! He performed a metatarsal osteotomy w/hammer toe correction on my left foot. He explained the procedure very well so I knew exactly what to expect. There were no surprises. My recovery is going as expected & he expects a favorable result. I’m looking forward to be able to return to hiking & biking without pain! He’s very caring & encouraging with his patients. Renee is great too.

- Debbie Gordon

Evan N. Simonson, DPM

I like Dr Richardson: good repore with me, nice, kind, thoughtful.

- G.S

W. Lee Richardson, MD

Very good and a very pleasant experience .

- S.L

Paul C. Pflueger, MD

Very good I would recommend Dr Bassett.

- S.B

Richard Bassett, DO

Just so pleased with Dr. Simonson’s help putting me back together! Could not have asked for a better, more experienced doctor and staff to get me walking again after a relatively short period of time and treatment.I would be hard pressed NOT working with Dr. Simonson and crew!


Evan N. Simonson, DPM

If I had to go through this hell again. It would want the same Doctor and staff.


W. Lee Richardson, MD

Everything went well when Dr. Richardson saw me after having been knocked to the ground at which time my wrist was fractured. Subsequent appointments were satisfactory. Still have one more follow-up appointment. I would recommend Granite Orthopedics to my friends.

- C.L

W. Lee Richardson, MD

My knee feels so much better. Thank you Dr Pflueger.

- N.A

Paul C. Pflueger, MD