Very good and a very pleasant experience .

- S.L

Paul C. Pflueger, MD

I have been in 3 hospitals in Tucson, and one in Los Angeles, and feel that our local hospital in Prescott is not only better, excellent – the surgeon talked with me, the care Ireceived from all the nursing staff was above reproach – the entire experience, and I assume this is for the surgeon, was outstanding. Appointments with mysurgeon were pleasant, he was helpful and I appreciated no wait time.Is this for hospital? Surgeon? Nursing staff? -= everything ran smoothly and I am very grateful for such an outstanding hospital. The support given while waitingto be put to sleep before surgeon, the nurses there giving me support – there is nothing I would even complain about – or mark down from OUTSTANDING>Margaret Joy Blashill

- B.M

W. Lee Richardson, MD

Very good I would recommend Dr Bassett.

- S.B

Richard Bassett, DO

Appreciate the overall experience and the great response in getting me in and out within a good amount of time. Was not happy with the recommended treatment but that is not our fault. Due to the meds I take, I understand certain treatments are unavailable to me but would liked to have had other alternatives other than injections of steroids or gel.Have checked out both and had pros and cons to both. Still trying to decide what I will choose and will contact you when I make my decision. Excellent staff – what little time you spent with me was informative but not what I expected. Will recommend your office to others if asked.

- W.S

Paul C. Pflueger, MD

A very pleasant experience from the time I called to make my appointment to meeting Dr. Bassett. Thank you for all your attention to resolve my problem.


Richard Bassett, DO

Was very pleased with Dr Rizzolo. Try to prevent me from having surgery but didn’t work and needed back surgery which was the the L3 L4 disk. It is a long recovery. Getting better day by day and age does matter when you have back surgery. After surgery he had me come back every two weeks which was 3 times and then 4 weeks and then 6 weeks. Wanted to make sure I was healing and everything was going good for me.

Steven Rizzolo, MD

This appointment was a referral from my family doctor. The doctor was very knowledgeable, explained the situation well and started me on a path to full recovery. I definitely will go to him again if needed and will recommend him to others.

- M.M

Paul C. Pflueger, MD

Dr Bassett is an amazing Dr he is caring and his staff are always very helpful. I would recommend him in high regard.

- S.S

Richard Bassett, DO

Dr. Pflueger and staff were excellent to work with. Highly recommended.

- S.D

Paul C. Pflueger, MD

I’m so glad I was referred to doctor Bassett, he has been the only doctor that has help me with my knee, I have had nothing but problema with it sence my frist surgery . Thank you very much.

- D.H

Richard Bassett, DO