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What Causes Foot Pain?

A wide variety of factors can cause foot pain. These factors may be related to lifestyle, existing medical conditions, or injuries. The best first step in diagnosing and treating your foot pain is to visit an orthopedic foot specialist.

How Do I Know If I Have a Foot Injury?

It is likely you may have a foot injury if you’re experiencing pain after an incident such as an accident or fall. However, you can also develop a foot injury over time from repetitive activities like running, standing for long periods, or wearing shoes with inadequate support.

Foot pain and discomfort may be felt in the following areas of the foot:

Top of Foot
Side of Foot
Under Foot

When Should I See a Doctor For Foot Pain?

Deciding when to see an orthopedic foot specialist depends on your specific circumstances. In general, it’s advisable to see a doctor for foot pain if your pain follows an injury, especially with a snap or pop; if you’re experiencing severe pain or swelling; persistent pain that hasn’t improved with home care treatments; if you’re struggling to walk; or if you’ve got diabetes, signs of inflection, unusual numbness, deformity in foot structure, or unexplained changes in skin or nails. With orthopedic foot conditions and treatments, like most other medical treatments, early diagnosis and care can prevent a minor issue from becoming more serious.

Can Foot Pain Be Related to Underlying Health Conditions?

Yes! A host of underlying health conditions can exacerbate foot pain and merit a trip to a foot and ankle orthopedics specialist. Some of the health conditions that most often manifest as foot pain include diabetes (which can cause a whole host of issues including foot pain), arthritis, gout, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), neuropathy, lupus, cancer, diseases of your kidneys or heart, and many others.

What’s the Most Common Cause of Foot Pain at the Top of the Foot?

Foot pain on the top of your foot is usually related to injury or inflammation. Tendonitis, ligament injuries, and stress fractures are common culprits that an Orthopedic Foot Specialist can best identify and treat.

What’s the Most Common Cause of Foot Pain on the Side of the Foot?

Foot pain on the side of your foot that a Foot and Ankle Orthopedics specialist could assess is often related to specific foot conditions, structural issues, or injuries. These can include ankle sprains, stress fractures, tendonitis, gout, or overpronation or supination.

What’s the Most Common Cause of Foot Pain Under the Foot?

Foot pain under your foot is often a sign of overuse, structural issues, or specific foot conditions. Most commonly, these can include plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, heel spurs, flat feet, or fallen arches.

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