Post-Surgery Laser Therapy in Prescott Valley, AZ

LASER THERAPY REVIEWLaser technology has increasingly provided successful, long-lasting, transformational results for patients seeking painless preventative treatment or as an assist in post-operative care after surgery. Now, at Granite Orthopaedics, we are proud to offer laser therapy to patients seeking a non-invasion option to improve their musculoskeletal condition.

To find out more about laser therapy or to learn if you are a candidate, read our FAQ below.


What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy uses a cold-light technology to treat areas of the body that may need improvement. Operated by our dedicated team of highly-skilled providers who prioritize patient comfort with every procedure, laser therapy can reduce swelling, inflammation, and scarring before and after a surgical procedure. By targeting deep tissue layers underneath the surface of the skin, laser therapy can also encourage tissue regeneration and cell function, allowing the body to heal faster than normal.

What Are The Benefits of Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy can provide the following benefits to patients post-surgery:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce swelling
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Stimulate tissue regeneration
  • Stimulate collagen
  • Eliminate the appearance of scarring
  • Increase blood flow
  • Encourage growth and repair of cells
  • Reduces pain in the treated area
  • Speeds up the recovery process

How Long Will Laser Therapy Treatment Take?

At Granite Orthopaedics, our laser therapy treatment typically takes 5-8 minutes for each treated area on the body. This time may vary depending on the size of the treated area. Most patients benefit from a weekly laser treatment. However, if your pain is more severe or you are suffering from a chronic health condition, treatment multiple times a week may be possible. During your initial consultation, your provider will determine the best treatment plan for you based on your medical history, recent surgeries, recovery, and needs.

Is Laser Therapy Treatment Painful?

The treatment is overall painless for most people. The feeling of being treated with a laser is often described as a “tingling sensation on the area of the skin being treated.”

Who Is A Good Candidate for Laser Therapy?

Ideal candidates for laser therapy are patients in overall good health who are interested in reducing inflammation or swelling in the body. They may also be interested in improving joint mobility or eliminating the appearance of scars. While laser therapy benefits post-op patients, it’s important that patients are in a complication-free recovery while they undergo laser therapy.

If you are pregnant, have an active skin infection, or have any underlying health conditions that make it difficult for the skin to heal from open wounds or burns, laser treatment is not recommended.

When Will I Notice the Results?

Results from laser therapy can be noticed within the first two weeks of beginning treatment. However, important that patients maintain realistic expectations regarding their results from laser therapy and remain patient, as it can take time for the body to heal from treatment and reflect on results.

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