Great job on my hip !!

Francisco Jaume, DO

Dr Jaume very professional and detail oriented tells you what to expect and what to do after surgery if you follow his instructions you will heal up quickly people who don’t follow instructions are the ones who complain trying to shift the blame to the doctor my second operation within a year due to car accident healing great do your therapy thanks dr Jaume.

Francisco Jaume, DO

I had a total knee replacement on March 21 due to an old injury, no cartilage, arthritis and misalignment. The surgery went very well and I have healed very nicely. Due to the length of time I have been out of alignment (30 years), the muscle memory and way of walking have hampered my rehabilitation and physical therapy. This is not due to any failure on my surgeons part and I believe he/I will resolve this problem soon. I am happy with my surgery and rehab.

- C.P

Richard Bassett, DO

I have only had 2 appointments, but both times the staff was very courteous, and friendly and helpful.

- T.S

W. Lee Richardson, MD

Wonderful physician and office!

- A.P

Evan N. Simonson, DPM

Dr Bassett is an amazing Dr he is caring and his staff are always very helpful. I would recommend him in high regard.

- S.S

Richard Bassett, DO

I had let a problem with my thumb linger for many years. Dr. Jaume explained the procedure, allayed my fears and my thumb has been working perfectly ever since.

Francisco Jaume, DO

This appointment was a referral from my family doctor. The doctor was very knowledgeable, explained the situation well and started me on a path to full recovery. I definitely will go to him again if needed and will recommend him to others.

- M.M

Paul C. Pflueger, MD

I have been in 3 hospitals in Tucson, and one in Los Angeles, and feel that our local hospital in Prescott is not only better, excellent – the surgeon talked with me, the care Ireceived from all the nursing staff was above reproach – the entire experience, and I assume this is for the surgeon, was outstanding. Appointments with mysurgeon were pleasant, he was helpful and I appreciated no wait time.Is this for hospital? Surgeon? Nursing staff? -= everything ran smoothly and I am very grateful for such an outstanding hospital. The support given while waitingto be put to sleep before surgeon, the nurses there giving me support – there is nothing I would even complain about – or mark down from OUTSTANDING>Margaret Joy Blashill

- B.M

W. Lee Richardson, MD

My name is Tom Rutherford, not Rutherford Thomas. I tried to correct this to no avail. The site wouldn’t allow me to delete the incorrect information.Keep up the great work!Tom.

- R.T

W. Lee Richardson, MD