My name is Tom Rutherford, not Rutherford Thomas. I tried to correct this to no avail. The site wouldn’t allow me to delete the incorrect information.Keep up the great work!Tom.

- R.T

W. Lee Richardson, MD

My experience with Dr. Simonson and his staff has been great. I am completely happy with the outcome from my surgery. I would recommend Dr. Simonson highly to anyone needing the type of care he offers/gives.

- R.B

Evan N. Simonson, DPM

This was my first visit, and I was very pleased to get in so quickly, being a new patient. I got all my questions answered, and will have further study done. I’m pleased so far.

- S.V

Paul C. Pflueger, MD

Had bi-lateral hip replacements in 2012. Dr. Jaume is the best! 🙂

Francisco Jaume, DO

I like Dr. Richardson a lot. I am a man of few words but will say his manner, interest a d professionalism deserve 5 stars. I feel well taken care of with care and compassion.

- J.R

W. Lee Richardson, MD

Everything went well when Dr. Richardson saw me after having been knocked to the ground at which time my wrist was fractured. Subsequent appointments were satisfactory. Still have one more follow-up appointment. I would recommend Granite Orthopedics to my friends.

- C.L

W. Lee Richardson, MD

I have been in 3 hospitals in Tucson, and one in Los Angeles, and feel that our local hospital in Prescott is not only better, excellent – the surgeon talked with me, the care Ireceived from all the nursing staff was above reproach – the entire experience, and I assume this is for the surgeon, was outstanding. Appointments with mysurgeon were pleasant, he was helpful and I appreciated no wait time.Is this for hospital? Surgeon? Nursing staff? -= everything ran smoothly and I am very grateful for such an outstanding hospital. The support given while waitingto be put to sleep before surgeon, the nurses there giving me support – there is nothing I would even complain about – or mark down from OUTSTANDING>Margaret Joy Blashill

- B.M

W. Lee Richardson, MD

I felt confident with Dr. Bassett and his findings. I would recommend him for sure.

- P.R

Richard Bassett, DO

I was very happy with the speed the surgery was scheduled. The staff is very efficient.


W. Lee Richardson, MD


- R.D

Paul C. Pflueger, MD