My knee feels so much better. Thank you Dr Pflueger.

- N.A

Paul C. Pflueger, MD

My experience with Dr. Pflueger and his staff at both locations have been excellent! Very friendly and a pleasure to work with.


Paul C. Pflueger, MD

Met with the technician, PA, surgeon, Physical therapist, and scheduler all on the same day on the same visit. Very impressed with the professionalism of all the people involved. Felt very comfortable after hearing the options to go ahead with surgery on my timetable. Prior to the upcoming surgery, the PT department is preparing me for the surgery with specific exercises for the procedure.


Paul C. Pflueger, MD

My experience with Granite Orthopedics has been wonderful. From Dr. Richardson to the entire staff, both on the medical and the rehab side, the service and care has been top notch. I would recommend Dr. Richardson to anyone requiring shoulder surgery.

- B.J

W. Lee Richardson, MD

I had a total knee replacement on March 21 due to an old injury, no cartilage, arthritis and misalignment. The surgery went very well and I have healed very nicely. Due to the length of time I have been out of alignment (30 years), the muscle memory and way of walking have hampered my rehabilitation and physical therapy. This is not due to any failure on my surgeons part and I believe he/I will resolve this problem soon. I am happy with my surgery and rehab.

- C.P

Richard Bassett, DO

Thank you for everything!

- N.A

Paul C. Pflueger, MD

Dr. Simonson is by far the best foot and ankle physician I have ever encountered. I have had 5 operations on my ankle, due to an injury that occurred from a serious car accident. Because of the severity of the injury and the resulting arthritis and pain, I have been to see many different specialist to get help for my chronic pain and stiffness. My experiences were not bad, but the results of the previous procedures were never as good as I hoped for. Many doctors treat you as just another case, and lack the personal touch of their specialty. I believe what makes a great physician is one who can sympathize with what the patient is going through, and communicate well enough to try and come to a conclusion that best suits the patients needs. Many doctors I saw would take a brief look at my ankle and tell me how bad it was. I was always leave appointments feeling discouraged and hopeless. When I saw Dr. Simonson I did not have that experience. He was outstanding. He was very personal, and took the time to evaluate how this “bad ankle” of mine was effecting my life. He was sympathetic and kind. He took time to listen to my concerns and wishes. He gave me his outlook and medical advice and was so optimistic in his approach. I was so impressed with him that I canceled a scheduled surgery at Mayo Clinic to go with this local Doctor. After I did so, I discussed my decision with many people that I work with as well as my close friends. Every time I mentioned Dr. Simonson’s name to people I only heard positive feed back. People told me things like; “he’s the best, a perfectionist, too good for this small town”. Those are the kinds of things that set me at ease. I am 31 years old and had a Total Ankle Replacement and I can’t tell you how full of joy I am to know that I got the BEST care, and will be able to walk without pain or a limp. Dr. Simonson did an outstanding job, and the nurses that were in the operating room told me that he worked hard until he got a perfect result. I have never been so happy with a Physician, or medical decision in my life. Dr. Simonson’s amazing attention to detail, and outstanding medical care has made my life a thousand times better. I believe that Prescott is so lucky to have such an outstanding Surgeon here, and I wish him the best in his career here in Prescott.

- A.M

Evan N. Simonson, DPM

Had bi-lateral hip replacements in 2012. Dr. Jaume is the best! 🙂

Francisco Jaume, DO

Great doctor!

- J.R

Richard Bassett, DO

every thing could not have been better. thank you for a good Job. Bill Ruckle.

- W.R

Richard Bassett, DO