Dr. Pflueger and staff were excellent to work with. Highly recommended.

- S.D

Paul C. Pflueger, MD

Appreciate the overall experience and the great response in getting me in and out within a good amount of time. Was not happy with the recommended treatment but that is not our fault. Due to the meds I take, I understand certain treatments are unavailable to me but would liked to have had other alternatives other than injections of steroids or gel.Have checked out both and had pros and cons to both. Still trying to decide what I will choose and will contact you when I make my decision. Excellent staff – what little time you spent with me was informative but not what I expected. Will recommend your office to others if asked.

- W.S

Paul C. Pflueger, MD

We were able to get an appointment the same day, get an X-ray and have Dr. Bassett confirm that there was not a major issue. Very good service!

- S.V

Richard Bassett, DO