I was very happy with the speed the surgery was scheduled. The staff is very efficient.


W. Lee Richardson, MD

He is a very caring doctor who only wants the best for you. He says it like it is if you need surgery or if you don’t. I needed surgery for rupture disc. He try to prevent it but it didn’t work. Had surgery and he was very caring after the surgery to make sure I healed right and I was back to normal. I would go to him and I would recommend him.

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I have been in 3 hospitals in Tucson, and one in Los Angeles, and feel that our local hospital in Prescott is not only better, excellent – the surgeon talked with me, the care Ireceived from all the nursing staff was above reproach – the entire experience, and I assume this is for the surgeon, was outstanding. Appointments with mysurgeon were pleasant, he was helpful and I appreciated no wait time.Is this for hospital? Surgeon? Nursing staff? -= everything ran smoothly and I am very grateful for such an outstanding hospital. The support given while waitingto be put to sleep before surgeon, the nurses there giving me support – there is nothing I would even complain about – or mark down from OUTSTANDING>Margaret Joy Blashill

- B.M

W. Lee Richardson, MD