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Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

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Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

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Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery
Possible incision sites for endoscopic surgery
Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery
Possible incision site for open surgery
Surgery may be done if your CTS symptoms become severe. Or, you may have surgery if no other treatment brings relief. There are two types of CTS procedures. You will be told about the one you will have. You’ll also be instructed how to prepare for it.

The Goals of Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Release SurgeryTwo types of surgery-open and endoscopic-are used to treat CTS.

When to Call the Surgeon

Call your surgeon if you notice any of the following:

After Surgery

If you’ve had carpal tunnel surgery, you will spend a few hours resting before you go home. The nerve sensation and circulation in your hand will be checked at this time. For the safest healing, keep the following in mind.