3 Ways to Relieve Knee Pain

Knee Pain Whether you are an athlete recovering from an injury or experiencing chronic joint pain, knee pain is difficult. Not only does it hurt to walk or run, but for many athletes and people who play sports, knee pain is the reason they need physical therapy.

With a highly-skilled team of doctors who specialize in sports medicine and knee injuries, the team at Granite Orthopaedics is ready and willing to provide athletes with the support and treatment they need to get back to a full recovery. From physical therapy to at-home remedies, here are three ways you can relieve knee pain:

Physical Therapy

Undergoing physical therapy for knee pain can be a long-term commitment, but it remains one of the most beneficial ways you can get your knee back to fully functioning without pain. With a customized plan fit to your body, your medical history, and your athletic goals, physical therapy will not only help slowly get your knee used to movement again but also strengthen the surrounding muscles in the leg to better absorb the pressure from the weight of your body when you move, taking that pressure off the knee. This allows for more flexibility and healing.

Ice or Heat Therapy

Some patients experience knee pain at home, and using ice or heat packs to relieve the pain may be necessary. Applying a cold ice pack to the knee can help relieve swelling and throbbing pain, as ice can help reduce inflammation on the skin and in the joints. Depending on your type of pain or injury, you may benefit from a heat pack instead, as heat targets the muscles surrounding the joint and can help improve blood flow to the area, relieving pain.


One of the top ways to eliminate knee pain is to refrain from using it too much. If you can eliminate additional physical activity, you should. If you are exercising, running, or continuing to play sports even though you’re experiencing knee pain, this can worsen your symptoms and even cause permanent damage.

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