3 Ways to Prepare for Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Your hips are a vital part of your mobility, and when people are suffering from hip pain, it can make simple tasks such as walking or standing difficult. Patients who undergo hip replacement sometimes have a prolonged recovery period. However, with the right preparatory actions and lifestyle changes, you can make your recovery process easier.

At Granite Orthopaedics, we want to ensure that our patients have a risk-free recovery process after their hip replacement surgery. Following aftercare guidelines as recommended by our team of orthopedic surgeons who have expertise in joint and muscle pain should allow a smooth recovery. However, there are a few steps patients can take before their procedure in order to make their healing period easier.

Implement a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a manageable weight before you undergo your hip replacement is essential. If you are overweight, it’s also recommended that you lose some weight before beginning hip surgery. This is to ensure your hips don’t have to carry so much weight when in recovery. Implementing a balanced diet will prevent significant weight gain. The less weight and pressure you can keep off your hips, the easier it will be to recover.

Begin An Excercise Routine That Will Strengthen Your Core

Consulting with your surgeon about exercises you can do that target strengthening your core, upper body, and leg muscles. By strengthening these areas, you can put less pressure on your hips. Beginning these exercises a few weeks before your surgery will help you stay in routine and make it easier for you to begin light exercises and physical therapy while recovering. An additional upside to these light exercises is that they will also help you maintain a stable weight!

Make Your Home Recovery-Friendly

In your first week of recovery, you may experience discomfort, soreness, and pain from your hip surgery. While this is normal, it can prove difficult for some patients if they don’t prepare their home in a recovery-friendly way. Meal prepping, moving tables closer to areas you frequent, or even moving your bed downstairs to avoid climbing stairs are just a few ways to make your home easier to move in.

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