How Physical Therapy Helps Relieve Pain

Physical Therapy After getting injured, many people struggle with getting their muscles and joints back to normal without feeling pain. Undergoing physical therapy is a key step to muscle and joint recovery.

No matter what part of the body you have injured, the dedicated doctors at Granit Orthopaedics are dedicated to the long-term recovery of each patient. By providing a customized physical therapy plan that addresses the specifics of each patient’s injury and needs, over time they will begin to feel relief from pain.

While physical therapy is a long-term commitment and requires patient participation just as much as the doctors, it can provide long-lasting results that help improve the lives of patients in many ways. The top three benefits of physical therapy include the following:

Reduce Pain

Whether your pain comes from the joints or an inflammation of the muscles, physical therapy implements targeted exercises that help relieve pain. Though most physical therapy does not require high-intensity movement, slow and steady exercises help progressively repair the injured parts of the body. Through hot and cold therapy, stretching, and even massages, there are multiple ways physical therapy can free you from your discomfort.

Helps Prevent Arthritis

When undergoing physical therapy, you allow the body to be mobile which increases blood flow. By doing this, you reduce your risk of getting arthritis, which is the inflammation and swelling of the joints. Physical therapy keeps patients from falling victim to a sedentary lifestyle, preventing them from chronic, long-lasting pain such as arthritis.

Recovery from Sports-Related Injury

Many athletes undergo physical therapy for their sports-related injuries and find they are able to get back to their sport within a few months of treatment. Physical therapy allows athletes a first step toward healing before needing to undergo surgery for the injured part of their body. At the same time, physical therapy can also help athletes improve their mobility after surgery, making their recovery toward a pain-free lifestyle easier.

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