Knee Arthroscopy: What You Need To Know

Injury,From,Workout,Concept,:,The,Asian,Man,Use,HandsArthroscopic knee surgery, or knee arthroscopy, is used to diagnose and treat knee injuries. The procedure utilizes a small camera inserted into the knee to examine the affected area, including the joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Not only can this procedure help to diagnose the injury and the extent of the issue, but the surgeon can also perform the necessary repairs utilizing the camera as a guide to ensure everything is done carefully.

Read on to learn more about how knee arthroscopy works and if you could be a candidate for this procedure.

If an Injury Is Found During Your Procedure, How Is It Treated?

During your knee arthroscopy, your surgeon can confirm a diagnosis for your knee, allowing them to create a plan for repairing and treating it. If there has been an injury to the soft tissues or bones, your surgeon can utilize the same small incision and camera to navigate the area, reconstruct the soft tissue, and repair the damaged bone. If the tissue is inflamed or damaged, they can remove it to reduce the inflammation.

How To Care for Your Knee Following a Knee Arthroscopy?

Since knee arthroscopies are minimally invasive, you can go home the same day. While recovering from your procedure, staying off your feet as much as possible is important to avoid putting pressure on your knee. You should also keep your knee elevated, which may reduce the swelling and inflammation. You will likely also have to attend physical therapy (PT) to help you regain strength and stability following your injury.

What Can a Knee Arthroscopy Treat?

A knee arthroscopy may be used to treat the following conditions:

  • Injuries to soft tissues, including bursitis, an ACL tear, patellar tendonitis, etc.
  • Fractures of the bone in the knee.
  • Inflammation of the synovium tissue in the knee.

Who Is a Candidate for Knee Arthroscopy?

You may be a candidate for knee arthroscopy if you are generally healthy and have a severe injury to the knee. Often, healthcare providers will use an MRI to diagnose the injury and determine if other treatment options should be considered.

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